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Experienced in many years in business, in HR consulting and outplacement services, we at International Human Resources (IHR) know how redundancy affects people, how employers feel when they have to let people go.


Experienced in many years in business, in HR consulting and outplacement services, we at International Human Resources (IHR) know how redundancy affects people, how employers feel when they have to let people go.

Take the biggest advantage in time of change

Redundancy =Transition Process = Emotional Experience
both for employees and employers

There comes a time when hard-working and dedicated people are asked to leave, due to reorganisation purposes. Support them through this transition process, using our outplacement programme to equip them with skills to find new opportunities.

We assist organisations in helping their employees, through structured Outplacement coaching programs. Outplacement coaching means engagement in the personal skills and knowledge development plans of your personnel in an involved and caring way. We know what this means for your reputation.

We, therefore, take care that all is done in the utmost reliable terms, and to the benefit of real results as an outcome. We focus on boosting your workers’ self-esteem and identifying their strengths whilst presenting them with realistic opportunities within the respective market.

Our Outplacement programme is a tailor-made service and can be adjusted to our client’s requirements. We offer different levels of outplacement which can be tailored upon the client’s request. They can go from Group sessions to one to one coaching outplacement sessions.


For the Participants (Employees)

  • Assists people to utilise their individual strengths by an objective measurement of their functional and personal competences. This is done on the basis of both personal interviews and psychological assessment in-house.
  • Increases the awareness of the individuals of their personal competences and strengths in order to make their future career a worthwhile journey.
  • Gives practical guidance on how to look for a new job, and how to apply for it.
  • Offers coaching and training in job interview behaviour and techniques.
  • All will be documented and a booklet with tips and support points for future reference will be granted to each participant in the sessions

For the Organizations:

  • Makes an impactful Employer’s branding image
  • Prevent sthe tremendous impact both on the business’ reputation and in the employees’ morale
  • You will rest assured you have done the best for your people by enabling them to identify with and work for their next step personal model
  • The employees  will feel you have taken good care of them by treating them a personal enhancement session
  • Offers remedy in a difficult work situation, making it a situation of opportunities for the employees

"I met the team of International Human Resourses on the occasion of outplacement organised by my former employer. They helped me develop a strong and competetive CV following the requirements of the Europian Union. They analysed my psychometric profile and provided me with invaluable advice on how to prepare a winning strategy for my future career. They presented my CV to global companies in Bulgaria and in Europe, one of which became my current employer. International Human Resourses is a recruiting company that deal with professionalism, proven set of ethical values and high quality standards. They are enthusiastic, passionate and proactive partner to job seakers. I recommend International Human Resourses to any applicant looking for support in any jobs search."

Vessela Kotseva | Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company


"I hereby like to thank you for your efforts during the outplacement project my latest company Shell Bulgaria EAD and I had with you. I can't help but sharing with you and my friends that once again Shell as a group and Shell Bulgaria EAD in particular proved to be one of the best employers in the world. They don't just put their energy when one works for them but do their best even when that person is to leave the company. In my case, but I am sure in all the others as well, I was helped with: 1. Collecting all my achievements during the last 10 years, choosing the most important ones and putting them in context I could refer to when applying for job. That resulted in ready to use, up-to-date personal resume I could use when applying for jobs. 2. Figuring out what my strengths are and how I react in specific situations by running a tailored personalized psychological test. That will help me further grow my confidence an self-esteem. 3. Not the least, I actually realized what will boost my drive when going for my next job or personal projects. All this was performed in an amicable environment with the personal touch everyone would highly appreciate. Thank you and keep giving your best!"

Petar Stratiev | The Business Institute