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About CIPS - International Human Resources

Give your career a boost
by studying the CIPS qualifications:

Professional procurement practice gives procurement and supply chain professionals the knowledge and skill base to reduce cost, deliver improved quality, flexibility and responsiveness, improve supply reliability and continuity, and achieve increased stakeholder and customer satisfaction.

The additional focus on the latest market developments and knowledge enables the best possible application of these skills.

You and your organisation will benefit from improvement and innovation that can deliver essential competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market.


Why join to CIPS?

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) is the world’s largest professional body dedicated to procurement and supply with a global community of over 200,000 professionals in over 150 countries.

CIPS is the voice of the profession, promoting and developing high standards of skill, ability and integrity among procurement and supply chain professionals.

CIPS helps governments, development agencies, and businesses around the world to excel in procurement and supply, supporting them to improve and deliver results and raise standards.

CIPS Global Standard in Procurement and Supply, sets the benchmark for what good looks like in the profession.

What does IHR offer for successful accomplishment of the course?

International Human Resources (IHR) is CIPS Approved Study Centre for Bulgaria and work with one of the leading providers of CIPS courses in UK – APA Procurement Training.

We want to provide learners with the opportunity to develop their skills and talents, increase their knowledge and so achieve their maximum potential.

Our aim is to make the time you spend studying with us enjoyable and rewarding.

Our training courses provide you with the knowledge to formulate the right procurement strategies, policies and practices and the skills to effectively implement them. You will gain an advanced understanding of procurement and supply management practice along with the key international issues and developments which are shaping the modern business environment.

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The CIPS Diploma in Procurement and Supply – Level 4:

The CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply is aimed at developing the skills and knowledge required for operational best practice in procurement and supply management. The course provides comprehensive coverage of all of competences required for excellence in the profession, including understanding the business environment, data analysis, planning, sourcing, negotiation, contracting and suppler management. It enables professionals to gain the tools to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement and supply management activity.