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International Human Resources (IHR) aims to improve organisations through focused design and implementation of Performance Management system.

Using the highest standards of professional excellence and personal integrity, IHR consultants focus efforts on the application of the integrated processes of setting and communicating performance expectations, monitoring performance and providing feedback, developing performance and addressing poor performance, and rating and rewarding performance in support of the organization’s goals and objectives.

A well-structured and implemented performance management system serves multiple goals.

Performance Management provides a two-way avenue of communication between a leader and an employee; it helps employees to improve performance and it helps an organization to succeed in a competitive environment.

The annual performance review/appraisal should not be seen as an end itself; it is only one part of an on-going performance management process that is preceded by performance planning (i.e. setting reasonable performance expectations and standards and aligning individual, team and organizational goals) and coaching and counselling (i.e. providing constructive feedback, guidance and assistance for the purpose of improving employee performance).

To be effective at evaluating employee’s performance, it is necessary for a team leader to understand the entire performance management process, that is, to be able to see “the big picture” and recognize how the various parts of the system fit together. In order to do that, team leaders should look at each of the parts of the process.

Group or individual tailored training & coaching programmes in Performance management

The course is interactive and highly practical using workshops throughout to address real challenges and issues in the context of performance management. In this two days facilitated, interactive discussion, using simulations, role plays and exercises with SDI qualified facilitators (Strength Deployment Inventory) participants will shift the way they think about performance and their role in ensuring their team’s success.

The focus is on practical skills and building competence and confidence with tools and techniques to improve productivity, build winning teams with management and peers, and maximize collective gains and value to the organization.

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OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
1, Malyovitsa Str., fl. 2, Bulgaria, Sofia, 1000
GET IN TOUCHIHR Social links