International Human Resources aims to help organisations, through focused projects on Competency Models design and implementation.

Organisations need to know what competencies they must seek and develop in order to be able to:
  • Get the best out of their employees’ performance and henceforth help them realise their potential
  • Achieve their vision and business strategy

In order to know what competencies are needed, it is important to define these very clearly.

Competency Frameworks
Design and Implementation

In order to perform, organizations need to continuously develop the observable skills, knowledge, behaviours & attitudes and outcomes that have an impact on the people’s performance.

The Competency Models offer a system to assess, organize and develop these main skills, behaviors and attitudes and find out the gaps that need attention.

We help organizations with a full program of Competency Models creation and implementation in line with the corporate values and culture.

These models help organisations:

  • recruit the right employees that fit in their organisation,
  • define high-performance expectations and measure actual performance objectively,
  • motivate people to do their job well and according to performance standards
  • work on talent development, succession and career planning through tailored training and development programs, group and individual coaching within the organisation