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Assessment and
Development Centres

IHR aims to improve organisations through focused programmes in Assessment and Development of managers and employees with potential. We call these programmes “Assessment and Development Centrеs“.

Namely, we make acquaintance with the organisation and its people, based on an approved scope of development. We design or assess against a leadership competency framework which is built not only on the current but on the future leadership capabilities to realise the vision of the company.

The benefits for the organisation are numerous, as after an assessment and development session within the created centre, we help you use your whole potential, develop talent and enhance business performance. But for each individual, participating in the Assessment and Development Session, it is a journey of discovery too. There is nothing better than realizing our hidden potential and developing the main skills to be successful at work and in our life.

What are
The Benefits

For the participant the programme does the following:
  • Assists managers of a company to utilise their individual strengths and work on their areas for possible improvement, by objective measurement of their people management, functional and personal competences. This is done on the basis of Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) and personality tests, individual interviews, role-plays group discussions and coaching approaches.
  • Assists the deployment of the leadership potential through precise assessment of their capabilities.
  • Increases the motivation and commitment to the goals and objectives of the company and helps to achieve higher personal and team results
For the organization the programme does the following:
  • Provides a system for the development of managers of all levels in accordance with the business strategy.
  • Offers a real picture of the available managers’ competencies and the potential for their development as effective and inspirational leaders.
  • Enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of strategy implementation.
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OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
1, Malyovitsa Str., fl. 2, Bulgaria, Sofia, 1000
GET IN TOUCHIHR Social links