In house training and business academies - International Human Resources
Our programs can vary from subject to subject, as they are totally tailored towards the individual business needs of your company
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International Human Resources aims to help organisations, through tailored programs, that are done in-house. We call them “Business academies”

Our programs can vary from subject to subject, as they are totally tailored towards the individual business needs of your company.

Based on our large experience and partnership approаch, our local and international top class consultants and trainers develop and offer training based on your specific needs.

IHR has realized numerous projects and offered solutions to Bulgarian and international companies for Development and introduction of :
  • Leadership business academies for top and middle managers, most often preceded by Centers for assessment and development. The training modules are interactive and focused on the accomplishment of specific company priorities and in-house projects achievements.
  • Performance management academies. IHR has proven professional experience in the development and implementation of systems for performance management, delivering a wide scale training programme for all managers – from top management to team leaders – on the effective Performance Management as a critical business process that leads to talent improvement, sustainable high-performance & talent development, and a coaching culture.
  • Diagnostics and re-engineering of business processes implementing the methodologies of Investors in People. Continuous improvement, engagement and involvement of people to improve performance are just some of the competitive advantages we have available today. Our diagnostic seeks to discuss ideas, suggestions and the best business practices encountered globally which, if applied relevantly, not only assist organisations in achieving Investors in People international recognition, but more importantly, help in increasing organisational performance through capable and developed, engaged and motivated individuals which tends to translate into increased profits and sustainable business success.
  • Our Sales academies provide Intensive skill-building opportunities. Participants are invited to bring real work situations to the training. This practical, hands-on process develops skills that will be readily transferred to the job. The training allows participants to take some distance from their day to day sales activities and dedicate time to integrate learnings. Our Sales academy is delivered in several modules. Participants are given numerous opportunities to practice in role plays and group coaching. The feedback from the group, the trainer of global experience and the video camera are a key for trainees’ behavioural self-development. This is an involved learning experience with Zoom record cards to memorize key learnings and Application Record Cards to facilitate post training actions.
  • CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) based academies in partnership with our CIPD partners from Acacia Learning
  • Business Analytics Academies Via partnership approach with top Analytics experts we develop and deliver Analytics Academy per levels (beginner, advanced, expert) with training paths for each level and propose training portfolio which will address those training paths. This ensures that the training courses are targeted to the right level and aim at filling the gap between current capabilities and desired future ones.  The participants in the ANALYTICS ACADEMY will build up business skills, gain insight and relevant knowledge to enhance their individual and team performance and evolve the business of the company. By equipping the delegates with concrete functional and soft skills, knowledge and hands on experience in the specific areas of the programme the whole process ends up with results that bring added value to the business.