Organisational Development - International Human Resources
International Human Resources aims to improve organisations through focused programmes for Organisational Development.
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IHR aims to improve organisations through focused programmes for Organisational Development.

Our expertise is in the area of setting up organisational systems and building culture, efficient organisational design and innovation, business consulting for business success through people.

With the objectives listed below and additional ones in mind, IHR aims to improve your organization all the while adhering to the Investors in People Standard by:

  • Create a culture of sustainable high performance
  • Increase the level of inter-personal trust.
  • Align vision, mission and goals throughout the whole organisation for a joined focused effort for their completion.
  • Encourage people to participate in goal-setting and implementation.
  • Increase cooperation and collaboration among the employees.
  • Induce enthusiasm and inspire people.

  • Encourage employees to give ideas and solutions, solve problems instead of avoiding them.
  • Continuously develop people in the organisations.
  • Empower employees for making decisions and acting.
  • Increase employees’ level of motivation, satisfaction and commitment.
  • Effectively manage conflict.

Through tailored organization development programmes, we provide managers with a vehicle

for introducing change systematically by applying a personalised selection of management tools.

This, in turn, leads to greater organizational effectiveness and efficiency.