CIPD Award in Leadership and Management Development - International Human Resources
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CIPD Award in Leadership and Management Development


Leadership and Management Development

26 & 27 October 2019

CIPD Awards  are bite-sized courses covering one unit from the Adanced Level Certificated. They’re useful if you want to learn a  specific area of HR in depth.

You will gain the chance to meet, exchange and have new insights from CIPD Accredited tutor from Acacia Learning UK  and meet Leading HR Professionals from various business companies

The focus of this module is on the development of leadership and management in facilitating organisational, team and individual change and growth. This module encompasses the development of leadership and management at all levels ranging from first line to senior managers and draws on the established body of knowledge and theory in both leadership and management and learning and development, in addition to the growing body of specialist knowledge in leadership and management development. The module will enable learners to develop a critical understanding of the complexities and contested nature of leadership and management and the
contextual opportunities for development.

On completion of the programme, you’ll be able to:

  • analyse the concept of employee engagement as an instrument for facilitating high-level business purposes
  • explain the empirical and philosophical connections between employee engagement, managerial leadership, strategic aspirations and HR strategies
  • explore the critical contribution of employee engagement as a route to strategic, reputational and competitive excellence within a high performance working environment
  • design and undertake an analysis of the relationships between levels of employee engagement and organisational performance
  • create justified, cost effective and strategically defensible action plans for promoting engagement within your own organisation
  • evaluate the levels of employee engagement within your organisation, functions and business units and recommend and implement programmes to improve it.

For the course content and more information, please contact our team at: