MiniMBA Webinar - International Human Resources
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MiniMBA Webinar

You think you never have enough time to learn more? If you are always  busy at work, your job isn’t easy!
Join us online on February 7 for a brief overview of the Mini MBA program for executives and managers. Meet the others who are interested, ask your questions, understand. MiniMBA Course will develop your business skills and give you a good understanding of key strategy and leadership issues and the latest trends in business.
07.02.2018 | 16:00 | Online | Register NOW! |Free
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The Mini MBA, organized by International Human Resources and London School of Business and Finance, is for aspiring leaders, managers who are ready to give their best for their team and understand them  better.
Don`t miss this webinar! Discover the key benefits of a MiniMBA!
We will talk about the  learning objectives, the structure of the course, the tutor from UK. Many managers achieve their role through expertise in their specialty, yet management requires understanding of a broad range of subjects and skills. This programme provides an introduction to that broad range of management subjects and will give delegates the skills and confidence to contribute effectively to wide ranging management discussions and decisions.
A comprehensive 4 day event that addresses management of individuals, leadership of teams, financial management, business strategy and management of change.

Tutor – Tim O’Connor

Tim has spent over thirty five years helping people develop their skills as managers and leaders and working with organisations to improve their business performance. He has established, led and sold several companies working in the field of education and development while also working as a visiting lecturer on MBA and Leadership programmes at Lancaster, Warwick, Birmingham and Exeter Universities.


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