CIM DIGITAL STRATEGY AWARD – APRIL 2019 - International Human Resources
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Are you looking to gain official accreditation for your marketing skills & knowledge? Don’t miss this course! 

CIM (THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF MARKETING) is the leading international professional marketing body! 



International Human Resources Bulgaria presents you with an efficient, blended learning opportunity to gain acumen of skills in the field of Digital Marketing – the CIM Award in Digtal Strategy.

Why CIM Award? 

With digital marketing so critical to the success of all organisations, this course will help you integrate digital marketing capabilities into your marketing planning. You will learn about the impact of the disruptive digital landscape on your organisation and you can develop robust digital strategies.


Three-Month course between April 2019-June 2019 | Sofia


CIM Digital Strategy Award is ideal for all marketers, working in an operational, supervisory or management role, who want to develop their marketing knowledge and skills. It is suitable for department managers, functional managers, product/brand managers, account managers, marketing executives and business development managers.


Expand your professional knowledge in marketing – apply for the CIM Award in Digital Strategy now at!


 Aims of the course:

Digital marketing has evolved from a set of tactical actions into a significant element of strategy. This course provides insight and in-depth consideration into how organisations can implement digital marketing capabilities into strategic marketing planning. It examines how creating digital marketing mixes can enable organisations to respond with agility to market needs and how the management of digital channels and the application of key digital measures help to achieve business objectives.

Course structure:

Unit 1: Digital Disruption

  • Understand the strategic implications of the disruptive digital environment.
  • Generate relevant insights into key emerging themes within the digital marketing environment.

Unit 2: Digital Planning

  • Develop strategic recommendations in order to acquire, convert and retain customers.
  • Deliver an agile response to changing customer behaviours.

Unit 3: Delivering Success

  • Manage and optimise key channels and content within a digitally enhanced strategic plan.
  • Apply key digital measures to analyse social, sentiment, search and site behaviour.

Assessment: Assignment

  • Assessed by assignment based on a given scenario and an organisation of choice.


IHR gives you the exclusive opportunity to receive a professional CIM Award! Elevate your marketing career! For more information or registration contact us at:

International Human Resources Bulgaria is CIM Accredited Study Center. CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) is the leading international professional marketing body.