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How to study world class marketing in Bulgaria?

How to study world class marketing in Bulgaria?


This November, International Human Resources (Bulgaria) in partnership with The Marketers’ Forum (UK) organised an event dedicated to the learning opportunities for world class marketing qualifications in Bulgaria. The event was held in SOHO – a creative and artsy coworking space.

Special guests were our partners from The Marketers’ Forum: Quentin Crowe, Founder and Managing Director, and Morag Foundy, Head of Professional Courses.

We presented the opportunities for acquiring internationally recognised Marketing Diploma in Bulgaria. In a world where competition grows each and every day, it is vital to improve your business and marketing skills to maintain competitive advantage for you and your organisation.

Our goal was to get participants updated about The Chartered Institute of Marketing  (CIM) and their professional qualifications, specially designed to expand the marketing skills and knowledge and to provide practical tools and techniques which can be immediately applied in the daily marketing role.

The event attracted great interest and was found informative and worthwhile. The enthusiasm and positive spirit of the participants helped make our time together both productive and fun.

Don`t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to the CIM qualifications in Bulgaria.

We wish you to acquire the internationally recognised CIM skills-based professional qualification to globally benchmark with the best in Marketing.

IHR is the only CIM Accredited Study Centre for Bulgaria.


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